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Why Use a Billing Service:

  • Your practice specializes in treating and caring for patients and we specialize in electronic billing.  Allow your staff to focus on what they do best — provide professional care to your patients while continuing to build your practice.  It makes sense to let the experts do the job!
  • All claims are filed electronically whenever possible.  Electronic filing ensures faster payment, increased cash flow and lower accounts receivable; all of which results in less paper mess for your practice to handle.
  • Our employees are constantly being trained on changes in both the market and legal environments in which your practice operates.  We are able to efficiently adapt our operations to accommodate changes in the market and/or the introduction of any new regulations which could affect how your practice does business.
  • Decrease your practice’s overhead by eliminating your on-site billing staff and outsourcing your billing needs to an expertly trained third party company.  Your practice does not incur the expense of over-time, benefits and potential turnover; we absorb those costs and provide you with a cost effective solution.
  • We handle all of your billing headaches.  From calling insurance companies to verifying claim information, to filing primary, secondary or tertiary claims, we have the experience to handle the process with ease and efficiency.
MPMS can save you money, we can prove it!